Solarmodule & Solarzellen - Qualität. Leistung. Wert.

Im Solarsegment sorgt DMEGC für Entwicklung, Produktion und Vermarktung sowohl monokristalliner als auch polykristalliner Siliziumwafer, Zellen und Module, konsequent auf Qualität und technische Innovation fokussiert

Die im September 2009 neu gegründete Abteilung hat die neuesten Technologien und modernsten Anlagen für die Produktion von Ingots & Stäben, Solarzellen und Solarmodulen an sieben strategisch bedeutenden Produktionsstandorten in China umgesetzt.

Mit Hauptsitz in der Industriezone Hengdian, in der Provinz Zhejiang, ist die Solarabteilung des Unternehmens DMEGC Teil der Unternehmensgruppe DMEGC Magnetics Groups, mit mehr als 19.000 Mitarbeitern, das einen Jahresumsatz von mehr als US$ 500 Millionen ausweist.
Unsere aktuellen Produktionskapazitäten sind:

* Jährliche Polysiliziumkapazität: 6,000 MTA
* Jährliche Waferkapazität: 600 MW+ (Henan, China)
* Jährliche Solarzellenkapazität: 2 GW (Donyang, China)
* Jährliche Modulkapazität: 800 MW+ (Hengdian & Dongyang, China)

Unser starkes, vertikal integriertes Geschäftsmodell ermöglicht uns, unsere Material-Lieferkette und die Qualität unserer Produktion sorgfältig zu kontrollieren – wodurch die Lieferung von Produkten hervorragender Qualität und Langlebigkeit gewährleistet werden kann.

DMEGC Renewable Energy - Overview - DMEGC Solar Presentation 2016

DMEGC Solar brochure

DMEGC on the Award of Top Brand PV Netherlands 2018 Category Modules

The company Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co Ltd ranks among the top PV brands in Netherlands according to the results of a survey carried out by EuPD Research among installers on brand awareness, customers’ choice and distribution.

Certificate Modules DMEGC Benelux.PDF

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DMEGC Solar Partnership with Solarif to Offer Solar Project Insurance


Apr.03, 2014 – Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co.,Ltd ("DMEGC Solar" or the "Company"), one of the leading manufacturers of high quality solar products, today announced that it has partnered with Solar Insurance and Finance ("Solarif"), a global, independent insurance agent focused on insurance for PV installations, to offer DMEGC Solar module customers with solar project insurance. The insurance, provided by Solarif, is underwritten by an A-rated global insurance company.

The insurance purchased by customers as a supplement to DMEGC Solar existing module warranty, and covers expenses arising from or caused by material damage to installations, additional labor costs, call-out charges and loss of electricity production.

Simon Ren, General Manager of DMEGC Solar said, ‘’ The insurance offered by Solarif makes it easier for customers to manage risks, obtain financing, and ultimately monetize their solar projects. We are very pleased to work with Solarif and provide this value added service to our customers globally.

Rene Moerman, chief strategy officer of Solarif commented, "Our detailed audit of DMEGC Solar's facilities, financial health, and environmental and labor conditions showed that the Company more than meets our standards. We are proud to be partnering with them to offer their customers this innovative insurance solution."

About Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co.,Ltd.
Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd is a group company diversified into automotive, home application electronics, IT/Telecom and renewable energies. The company is the largest ferrite magnet manufacturer in the world and largest soft ferrite manufacturer in China. With more than 34 years manufacturing experience, the Company has established long term partnership with customers globally.

DMEGC Solar is a division of DMEGC, focusing on researching, manufacturing and marketing of solar PV products from ingots/rods, wafers, cells to modules. DMEGC Solar’s modules, warranted by DMEGC Group, have been widely used in residential, commercial, and utility-scale power generation globally.

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About Solarif

Solar Insurance & Finance, or Solarif, is an internationally operating, independent insurance agent with a full focus on insurance for PV installations. Its extensive knowledge of the solar market enables it to create insurance solutions that perfectly fulfill customers' wishes. Solarif provides insurance for PV owners, manufacturers, installers, project developers and investors. To find out more about Solarif and its insurance products,
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